South Mayo River (SF)

Stream Category: C

Wild Trout: Brook

Stocked Trout: Rainbow and Brown

Other Species of Note: None


Dry Flies: None

Nymphs: Prince, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tails, Squirmy Wormies, Mop Flies

Streamers: None

Waders: No

Net: No

Wading Stick: No

Casting: Tuck 


The South Mayo River in this section is both still a creek and forming into a small river. The Upper portions of the this section reminds me a lot of the NF section, it is small and very hard to fish. There are tons of foliage blocking the the river, which is very frustrating trying to get to river. Not to mention you have to watch for no trepassing signs constantly through this section. However once the South Mayo River, and the NF Section, and Pourhouse merged into one small river the South Mayo river starts to shine.

There is a small park in the industrial park part of Sturat that the city of Sturat is trying to convert into a Greenway, like the Cities of Roanoke and Salem. It is in this section that the South Mayo River is the most accessible, it has deep holes, long flats, and actual trout. Honestly this will be the best place for a person to fish, not to mention it has its own parking lot.

Additional comments:

Still, like I have said before, there are tons of other mountain streams that could easily be stocked with trout in Patrick County that would be better fisheries. Also, unless you live in Sturat, there are tons of better streams located in that area that hold nice trout and are a lot more accessible.


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