Moving Time

It is with a deep regret that I must inform you that soon I will no longer reside in Virginia. Unfortunately my present employer has decided that our operations will be better conducted in Atlantla, Ga; even though my opinions differ from theirs i will follow their lead and follow them to Georgia. However this occurrence will not shut down this site.

I have loved the great state of Virginia for my entire life but in to quote Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I do not treat this move as a success or failure; but i see that I must have the courage to continue on and on; promoting my love for fly fishing has been one of things that has brought me the most comfort in my life, even when my life seems to be be complete shit.

As the good Lord wills it, my life must change and i must change with it. So come May 2018 Flybum Outdoors will start promoting everything fly fishing here in South East United States. I will still keep up all of my Virginia Stream guides, also i will still try to up date them as much as possible. However my new focus will be on North Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and Southwestern South Carolina, and Southwestern North Carolina.

I implore all of you that know these areas to contact to meet, I would love all of the information and knowledge that you could provide me in helping. Also i would love to know what else you would like to see on this website. after making the new Roanoke Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s website i have had an idea for fly tying tutorials and for new blogs.

I general hope is that all of you will continue to use this site as a general reference for everything fly fishing related in the South Eastern United States, mainly Virginia.

Cheers to you all,

Patrick Frazier



5 thoughts on “Moving Time

  1. I did not get to meet you when I was in (Smyth and Washington counties) Virginia in September and October but really liked what you are doing on line. You may want to take a quick trip to Blue Ridge, GA near the GA-NC state line. Bill Oyster has a bamboo fly rod school there that I HIGLY recommend (if you have a couple of grand burning a hole in your pocket and nothing better to do with it). Next door to his shop is Blue Ridge Fly Fishing that can help you get acquainted with the area. There was a young man there by the name of Hunter Barnes, a couple class mates went out with him on trip and spoke highly of him.

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  2. Good luck with the move. I love the sense of the unknown that comes with moving to a new area. New water,new species, new methods of fishing are all things that really make a move interesting. I’m looking forward to this next chapter.

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  3. Love your site, and sorry to hear about the move. I live in SC, but frequent a few streams in VA. Northwest SC has some wonderful fishing. Do check out Jones Gap State Park if you get a chance. Beautiful water that reminds me in many ways of a Little Stoney/North Creek hybrid. Ambitious wild bows and the occassional brookie. Best of luck with the move!


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