Taking A Road I Never Thought To Take

So odds are you know that I love fly fishing and everything about fly fishing. My original goal for this website was to have an up to date site that would educate fly fishermen about streams located in Virginia. However since that time I have moved to Georgia for my job. Currently I am working on exploring and gathering photos of streams here in Georgia. Which to my surprise is loaded with excellent trout water, not to mention a plethora of other freshwater fish, and is only hours away from some really good musky water. 


With this being said, the website is going to now be about fly fishing here in the South East, I am not going to limit it to Virginia any longer. Also I am going to start up my own home business, currently I am in the works to obtain my home business license in order to do so. What I will be offering is not something that most local fly shops offer; one on one fly tying classes, a person to professionally take photos of your own flies and a way to test them out, and I will become a fly fishing guide (only one day a week).


Im going to break down my fly tying classes into hour long sessions, these classes will be from 8am -12 pm during the week and weekend (and maybe some evenings on Mondays) – appointment only. Based on your skill level, what you want to learn, and what style you fish I will assess how to proceed. I want all of you to be able to learn what you need to learn to up your fishing game and save some money in the process. I will be teaching, dry flies, nymphs, streamers, top water bugs, and how to make your own brushes. After we are done we will test them out in my fly tester tank to see exactly how they swim. Afterwards, if you want, we can take photos or videos of your fly so that you can spread them across social media. 


Also I am going to offer professional photography for fly tiers that are wanting to sell/show off their very own creations. As we all know flies can be small and flies can be large, but getting that perfect shot of a fly is often impossible without the right equipment. Luckily I have that equipment and I am here to help. We will take multiple shots of your fly using a light box and holder, and we will use my fly tester tank so that you can have a photograph of what they look like in a stream. I can also do videos of these flies for you to have as well. 

Finally, and I am very hesitant to undertake this, I am going to start guiding. However my only two requirements will be that the person I am guiding have their own pair of waders and wading boots and be above the age of 21. From there I will take you out for a full day or half a day on to a stream, I will be offering this service to beginners up to advanced fly fishermen. Basically we will communicate before the day comes to go out and discuss what you know and what you want to learn. After we do this we will book you a date (only on Mondays, sorry I work during the week), and we will meet up at a designated location to start your lesson. Also please note, while I consider myself a very good fly fishermen, my techniques might not be conventional as seen in A River Runs Through It. Instead I will teach you the tools to fish and catch fish in waters that you might have never fished because of terrain and foliage. Finally, once I acquire my captains licenses I will take a person (sorry only one person) out on my FlyCraft Stealth on float trips, but this will be a future endeavor.


I will let everyone know when this begins and when I will start taking appointments.



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