Little Indian Creek


Stream Category: Put and Take – B

Wild Trout: 

Stocked Trout: Rainbow and Brook

Other Species of Note: None


Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis

Nymphs: Stone Flies, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hares, Midges, Mop Flies, and Squirmmy Wormies, Grey Scuds

Streamers: Kreelex, Minnow Patterns 

Waders: Yes

Net: Yes

Casting: Overhead, Tuck, and Roll.



This might be the most hidden jewel of Floyd counties fisheries, at least when it comes to trout fishing. Even though I wish every stream could be catch and release/wild trout, I am willing to let this one be open for everyone. The pure size of fishable water of Little Indian Creek is amazing. It is definitely a freestone stream with a lot of boulders, large holes, big drop offs, long runs, fast runs. Etc. you name it Little Indian Creek has it. 


What I also like is its location, it is not far from Floyd or Christiansburg, is almost dead in the middle. The only problem that I see with the stream is the amount of trash located around it, to have such a beautiful stream is such a great thing; but to have to climb over tires, watch out for hidden glass, and metal chaps my ass. But don’t let these things hinder you from coming here to fish. You will not be disappointed (well as long as you don’t step on glass or rip your waders). 


It is sort of funny, when I first started this website I really didn’t mind the trash that much, or push for its removal. However now that I am apart of Trout Unlimited seeing streams like this infuriates me, whatever chapter is in charge of Floyd County should see to cleaning it up, with a handful of volunteers with trash bags this stream could be sparkling clean. Yes you might have to do it at least twice a year, but I feel that it would be worth it. By the way this is a big hint to the chapter that is over Floyd County, or to chapters that are close by that would love to have a nice area to fish.


Additional Notes: 

There are several pull off spots along Little Indian Creek, just make sure you are off of the road completely, people tend to fly on this road.




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