Little Amicalola Creek

Stream Location: Dawson County

Wild Trout: None that can be fished for (above the falls there are wild brook trout but there are no fishing signs up)

Stocked: Rainbow, Brook, and Brown

Other Species of Note: 


Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis, Royal Wulff, Terrestrials 

Nymphs: Caddis Puppa, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hares, Stone, Squirmy Wormy, Mop, and Perdigon 

Streamers: Minnows, and Wooly Buggers

Waders: No

Net: No

Wading Stick: Yes

Casting: Overhead, Tuck, Bow and Arrow, and Roll


Let me start off by saying that Little Amicalola Creek is absolutely stunning. Between the massive Amicalola Falls and the beautiful paths along the stream, this creek is amazing. However this stream is such a let down. I would truly love to see this creek, or at least the section inside Amicalola Falls State Park, be turned into a special regulation catch and release area and to establish it as a wild brook trout stream. However as of right now this creek is stocked and it gets fished out very quickly. Also this creek suffers, like all creeks in Georgia, a lack of water (which could be solved by the destruction of the pond at the base of the falls). 

Ultimately because the water here is so clear, the creek doesn’t have an ample amount of water flow during the summer, and the amount of high amount of pressure this stream receives I can not recommend fishing here. It is pointless, instead go to Amicalola Creek or another creek close by. 

As far as trying to fish here, it is possible right after a stocking. Aim for the bigger holes and the pond at the base of the falls. I would use nymphs mainly, do not weight them (unless you are fishing them in the pond) and do not use any streamer patterns (except in the pond). I personally haven’t tried dry fly fishing here because it seems pointless with the amount of fish in some of the pools, however I am sure a stocker that survives a couple days in the creek would probably hit a dry fly. 

Another bummer, besides it being fished out quickly, and the amount of traffic that comes here, is that because it is a state park; you will need to buy a parking pass, rather a yearly or daily pass, in order to fish here. 


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