“All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”


So I guess I need to point this out to you the readers; this blog is usually not kid friendly… there will be foul language involved. What can I say? I am a fisherman, we cuss a lot, and those that say that they don’t, well they are liars. Oh, also fishermen are usually liars as well… just saying.


Anyways, as an avid winter fly fisherman what the hell do I do when every single creek in your area is frozen? Well you could try to stay inside with your significant other, this is all nice and stuff but eventually you’re going to in up like Jack from The Shining. You can tie flies, this is probably the best thing to do for both your sanity and preparing for the eventual thaw. Or you can travel to new places that are within a couple hours from your house and try out new streams. Both of the latter options are probably the best in my opinion. I love my girlfriend to death, but there are only so many girly shows I can binge watch on Netflix with her, and the house can only be so clean.


I like to call this frozen time my test fly season. I tie up a bunch of flies that I have never used so that when the thaw comes and none of my regular flies are working I have something to fall back to. Most of the time these flies are crap and do not produce, but every once in a while there some flies that I never used that do surprisingly well. If you have been following my Instagram page (if you’re not the shame on you) you will notice I have been on a strong euro nymph kick lately. One of the flies that I had never used before was a Perdigon (I still do not know how to pronounce this fly), but I tied up one dozen of them- mainly because they are super easy to tie- then I went out to a local stream that had just been stocked. The Perdigon killed it, I promise I am not lying about this, I caught 15 fish in total off of this fly in a matter of two hours. I literally had to make myself stop fishing because it didn’t seem fair anymore. Needless to say, Perdigons will be a stable in my fly box now. So I recommend going on YouTube and just searching out fly patterns, look for quality videos and you will be surprised by what you find.


Realistically not all streams in your area will be frozen, it might be cold “AF” outside, but not all streams will be frozen. Venture out, find some new streams, or explore old streams via the road. As fishermen we often neglect what hunters to do during the summer time, we do not scout spots out. However we should, by we I mean you should. I do this quite often during the winter months and find some seriously good water while the rest of you bitch about not being able to fish. Also if you have a kayak/boat/raft and the proper equipment, go Musky or Walleye fishing, winter is the time that these fish can and should be fished.IMG_0131

Well I guess this is also the time to tell you that I have taken on a new role; As of January 1, 2018; I became the new President of the Roanoke Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I have a lot of serious goals that I am trying to accomplish in regards to the chapter; a younger, more diverse group, social gatherings, protecting our delayed harvest sections here in Roanoke from poachers, and in short making the Roanoke Valley into one of the top destinations for anglers in Virginia. Needless to say I am going to have my hands full; I started and Instagram page for the Chapter (roanoke_valley_trout_unlimited), I am posting articles on their fb page everyday (https://www.facebook.com/Roanoke-Valley-Trout-Unlimited-635544369915965/) along with updating the fb calendar of events, and I am helping design a new website for the chapter that is very similar to this one.


Honestly if you have not joined TU now is the time to do it, if you think it has been lacking in anyway then you should join and try to help change it. I wouldn’t try to sell you on something I don’t believe in, but our chapter does a lot of things that help out Southwestern Virginia and the Roanoke Valley, plus the knowledge of fishing in the chapter is amazing. So this will be my first and final ploy to get you to join TU on this website, just do it… there is a new promotion to join for $17.50 for a year, it’s less than a case of IPA beer. At the very least go check out the Facebook page, the Instagram page, or come out to one of our Open Fly Tying Nights at Ballast Point in Daleville (check the even page on Facebook for dates and times).


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