Tinker Creek


Stream Category: A

Wild Trout: None

Stocked Trout: Rainbow Trout and Brook


Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis, Midges

Nymphs: Midges, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, Prince, Stoneflies

Streamers: Wooly Bugger, Minnow Patterns, Kreelex, Mop Flies, Squirmy Wormies

Waders: No

Net: No

Casting: Roll, and Tuck



What to say about poor old Tinker Creek, besides it is a mess. Realistically, even though the stream itself is a good trout stream (big holes, long runs, even multiple falls), Tinker Creek ranks as the nastiest stream in Roanoke County. Even if Trout Unlimited was to clean up this stream on a weekly basis, it would still be nasty. People that fish and use it hangout at, do not care about how nasty Tinker Creek gets. Hopefully if you are reading this you are not too discouraged, if you want to fish Tinker Creek do so, however please help the stream out by taking a trash bag and some gloves with you. Pickup what you can, maybe just maybe, one day Tinker Creek will get cleaned up.


Now when it comes to fishing Tinker Creek, it is just like Glade Creek, it gets fished out very quickly, and you will have to combat fish. Honestly the best way to fish Tinker Creek is with flashy streamers such as the Kreelex, Mop Flies, and Squirmy Wormies. These seem to work the best; I like to bring my 5wt switch rod for the really big holes (because there is little to know room to overhead cast) to get my flies out to where the fish like to hold up, and I bring my 5wt regular rods for the smaller runs.


Additional Notes: There is ample parking throughout the entire stream; some are just pull off spots, others are actual parking lots. I would recommend locking your doors to your vehicle and if you have a concealed to carry I would bring a hand gun; Tinker Creek is not in the best section of Roanoke City.



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