Poverty Creek

Stream Category: C (JFN)


  • Dry Flies: BWO, Adams, Pheasant Tail, and Attractors
  • Nymphs : Zebra, Pheasant Tail, Callibaetis, Prince, Hares Ear, and Soft Hackles
  • Rod: 7’
  • Waders: Chaps or Hip
  • Net: Yes
  • Polarized fishing sunglasses

Casting: Back, Side, and Roll



If this stream would hold a good and constant water level year round it would contend with Little Stony Creek (Giles County) as being one of the prettiest streams in the New River Valley. Sadly it doesn’t. Poverty Creek which flows down the westward valley between Brush and Sinking Creek Mountain from Pandapas Pond to Toms Creek is a stream that is dependent on the overflow water from Pandapas Pond.

During the summer and early fall the water level is so minimum that it makes Poverty Creek unfishable for trout. However during later winter and early spring Poverty Creek perks back up making it a good fly fishing destination if you don’t want to deal with the crowds hiking Little Stony Creek.

There are several different ways to get to Poverty Creek; you can park at Pandapas Pond and follow Poverty Creek trail which is right beside the stream or you can take the Forest Service Road 708 that is just past Pandapas Pond before you get to Giles County. I prefer using the Forest Service Road; starting at the Virginia Trout Stocking sign just below the second mile marker and fishing up the trail going towards Pandapas Pond. When fishing this stream make sure you are using lighter nymphs or dry flies, heavy nymphs will snag constantly on fallen tree limbs and rocks.  Personally I use small soft hackles, zebra midges, and callibaetis nymphs for this stream.

Additional Notes and Precautions:

This stream is a part of the Poverty Creek Trail System, expect to see hikers and runners on these trails throughout the year. If you are going to use the Forest Service Road 708 during the winter I suggest you travel in an all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle, this road can be pretty treacherous. Also because you will be in the Jefferson National Forest during hunting season I suggest you always wear some type of blaze orange or bright colored clothing just in case of hunters.


Directions from Blacksburg, VA:


Pandapas Pond Entrance: Take US-460 West towards Pembroke. Then turn left onto Forest Service Rd 808 (entrance to Pandapas Pond). The first Parking area will be on your left as you turn onto this road and the second parking area will be the area where the road dead ends. Poverty Creek will be located on the west side of Pandapas Pond and you will see a Virginia State Stocking Sign here.

Forest Service Road 708: Take US-460 West towards Pembroke. Then turn left onto Forest Service Rd 708. Follow this road until you see the Virginia State Stocking sign on your left located roughly 2.1 miles from your initial turnoff.

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