Turner Creek

Stream Location: White County

Wild Trout: None

Stocked: Rainbow Tout and Brown Trout

Other Species of Note:


Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis, Royal Wulff, Terrestrials 

Nymphs: Caddis Puppa, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hares, Stone, Squirmy Wormy, Mop, and Perdigon 

Streamers: Minnows, and Wooly Buggers

Waders: Yes

Net: Yes

Wading Stick: Yes

Casting: Overhead Tuck, Bow and Arrow, and Roll


I am seriously feeling deja vu as I write this stream write up, it really seems that Georgia has a lot of creeks are set up for spin fishermen, or for those that really just want to take some fish home with them. Turner Creek is a very, very small creek that has very limited access, if I ever find a new access point to it that is on public land I will update you readers. 

Turner creek is a spring creek that has a freestone bottom, it looks a lot like a certain spring creek in Virginia that I love to fish. However there is very limited access to this stream. I would use everything in my arsenal to hammer these fish. Keep close to banks and also fish deep in the section where water flows over a grated sections. Just be warned; there is not a lot of creek to fish and getting into this area is a bit sketchy. I wouldn’t right off this creek if you are looking for some fish to take home, again fish it deep and be very thorough.


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