Jackson River (Route 623)


Stream Category: A


Wild Trout:

Stocked Trout: Brook, Brown, and Rainbow

Other Species of Note: None


Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis, and Terrestrials

Nymphs: Stone Flies, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hares, Midges, Mop Flies, and Squirmmy Wormies, Perdigon

Streamers: Kreelex, Minnow Patterns, Articulated Minnow Patterns

Waders: Yes

Net: Yes


Casting: Tuck, Roll, and Overhead



Maybe it was because I haven’t paid that close of attention to this part of the Jackson River on the VDGIF maps and the stockings website, or I just never noticed there was a difference between Jackson 623 and Jackson Hidden Valley; either way I thought Jackson 623 was a part of the Jackson Hidden Valley, only divided by the Jackson Hidden Valley Special Regulation part.


But now after I have fished it and seen the difference with my own two eyes, these two areas of the Jackson are completely different. I also imagine that the Jackson Special Regulation is like this area combined with the Hidden section of the Jackson (see my write up of the Jackson Hidden Valley Special Regulation Section). Anyways, this portion of the Jackson River is very, very rocky and reminds me a lot like Back Creek. There are holes here and there, and a couple longer stretches of slower moving water, but for the most part this water tends to move fast (or at least it was when I was there after a heavy rain).


Honestly I fished this section the way I would fish any smaller mountain stream, I aimed for pockets behind rocks, deep holes, and avoided the ripples like always (I loathe fishing ripples). I caught a few fish here and there, but none of the fish were large enough for me to brag about  


Additional Notes: There are multiple parking areas in this area, just look for the fishing signs. Also remember to carry out what you bring in.


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