Craig Creek

Stream Category: B

Wild Trout: Brook


· Dry Flies: Adams, BWO, Caddis, Stimulators, Royal Wullf, and Terrestrials (Hoppers for the Fall)
· Nymphs : Zebra Midge, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, Prince, and Soft Hackles
· Streamers: Wooly Buggers
· Rod: 7’-9’
· Waders: Hip
· Net: Yes
· Polarized fishing sunglasses

Casting: Back Casting should not be a problem if using a smaller rod, however if youre using a larger rod expect to have to roll cast.



When Craig Creek is stocked this stream is extremely popular for both spin and fly fishermen. Located 20 minutes away from Blacksburg, Craig Creek is a traditional freestone mountain creek in the Jefferson National Forest, lying in the valley between Brush Mountain and Sinking Creek Mountain. Unfortunately this stream suffers from one big issue; low water.

For years this stream has been on the State of Virginia’s NSF list and has just recently been removed. Because of the water levels there are very few holdovers that survive the summer months, plan on coming here only a stocking. Don’t expect to find big splash pools or fast moving water on Craig Creek either, what you are going to find is clear large flats followed by shallow riffles.


Dry fly fishermen will need to find an attractor fly that the stocked fish are keying up on that day, I like using Royal Wullfs and Yellow Stimulators on this stream. Hoppers can be used during the fall when you are in the Caldwell Fields area. When nymphing stick to single nymphs or non-weighted multi nymph rigs, I honestly prefer using a Caddis/Dropper combination, but when strictly nymphing I will use a zebra midge as my top nymph and a jig soft hackle or a small bead head prince as my second nymph. Do not use large suspension devices such as thingamabobbers; instead try yarn strike indicators or a small ball of biostrike. There are a few deep holes that make streamers a good choice; you will find these holes on Craig Creek located along the roots of tree banks and near fallen logs.

Additional Notes and Precautions:

Because of Craig Creek’s distance from Blacksburg expect a high turnout in the number of anglers fishing here after a stocking. There are numerous pull off points and parking areas along Craig Creek Road, just make sure you pull completely off the road because it is only a single lane dirt road. Also remember that you will be in the National Forest during hunting season, wearing some type of blaze orange is very wise choice.

Directions from Blacksburg, VA:

Take US-460 West towards Pandapas Pond. Turn right onto Craig Creek Rd (VA-621), follow road for 8 miles till you see the first state stocking sign.

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