Bullpasture River


Stream Category: Put and Take A


Wild Trout:

Stocked Trout: Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and maybe Tiger Trout.

Other Species of Note: None



Dry Flies: Adams, Caddis, and Terrestrials

Nymphs: Stone Flies, Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hares, Midges, Mop Flies, and Squirmmy Wormies, Perdigon

Streamers: Kreelex, Minnow Patterns, Articulated Minnow Patterns

Waders: Yes

Net: Yes


Casting: Tuck, Roll, and Overhead



Just like its sister, the Cowpasture, this stream… if only I knew what I now know about them. Good grief, so much of my time was wasted trying to figure out Back Creek, Hidden Valley, and 623 of the Jackson.

Just like the Cowpasture Bullpasture is a freestone stream, however the difference is the major holes and drops that you will see in Bullpasture. Sure there are some long straight stretches, but not like the Cowpasture’s.


Mop flies, Perdigons, Squirmmies, and Kreelex’s did the job for me. I also was able to euro fly fish in several sections, but the majority of your nymphing will come through stike indicators.

Just like I said in the Cowpasture write up, I think that Cowpasture and Bullpasture are being used to test the waters (so to speak) in terms of stocking Tiger trout throughout Virginia. Even though I did not catch or see anyone that had caught a Tiger out of Bullpasture does not mean they are not there. In fact, if I get a chance to go back, I will stop at the fish hatchery at Coursey Springs to see if this is the case. Regardless they are definitely Tiger trout in Cowpasture… but maybe not in Bullpasture.


Additional Notes: Parking when you come in. Also remember to carry out what you bring in.