Middle Fork of the Holston Marion


Stream Category: A

Wild Trout: None

Stocked Trout: Rainbow, Brown, and Brook

Other Species of Note: None


Dry Flies: Adams, Terrestrials 

Nymphs: Prince, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tails, Squirmy Wormies, Mop Flies

Streamers: Minnow Patterns, Wooly Buggers

Waders: Yes

Net: Yes

Wading Stick: No

Casting: Overhead, Roll, and Tuck 


Unlike the Middle Fork of the Holston River Upper A, the Marion section is downright amazing. It has a little bit of everything for everyone; it has ample parking, very large holes and flats, nice ripples, and plenty of fishable area. The downside is that it is smack dab in the middle of Marion, which means this area receives a ton of pressure. So if you are planning on fishing this area you better make sure that you are keeping up with VDGIF stocking website.


Fishing the river will be like fishing any other stream, I would stick to nymphs and streamers, however you could possible get away with some dry flies and terrestrials (hoppers and such before the October frost). The state seems to like stocking big fish in this area as well, so make sure you bring a net, also because of its slippery freestone bottom I would carry a wading stick.


So if you are in Marion you are presented with a big quagmire, fish this section or the East Fork of the Holston near Buller fish hatchery or below that in the stocked area. Reastically, it will just come down to if this area has already been fished out or not. The fish in this area are a lot easier to catch, but because of the pressure it receives it will not take long for it to be fished out. I would at least check the water here before deciding to go on towards the East Fork.



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