Pheasant Tail Nymph




Pheasant Tail Nymph



•TMC 2302 Size 14 Hook

•Gold 1/8” Tungsten Bead

•Brown UTC 70 Thread

•Pheasant Tail

•UTC Brassie Silver Wire

•Wapsi Mottled Turkey Quill

•Peacock Herl

•Clear Cure Goo Hydro (Optional)


  1. Begin by putting your bead on your hook then putting it in the vice.
  2. Tie on your thread beginning behind the bead and trim off any excess.
  3. Take your thread towards the bend of the hook and tie in a small amount of pheasant tail to form your tail.
  4. Take your thread back towards the middle of the fly and tie in your wire, take wraps towards the tail of the fly.
  5. Cut out 3-4 mottled turkey quills and tie in at the tail of the fly, with hackle pliers these quills up the fly to where you tied in the wire to form your abdomen.
  6. Candy cane your wire next in the opposite directions that you took your quills and tie where you stop with the turkey quills.
  7. Take your thread all the way up to the bead of the hook. Cut off 10-15 pheasant tail fibers, with the tips of the fibers facing towards the bead tie in fibers on top of the hook leaving just enough of the tips to form the legs of the fly. Once the pheasant tail fibers are secure behind bead wrap your thread back towards the abdomen of the fly making sure the fibers stay on top of your hook.
  8. From here tie in 4-5 peacock herls then take your thread towards the bead of the hook. With the peacock herls secure wrap these towards the bead leaving a small amount of room in between them and the bead.
  9. Take the pheasant tail fibers and fold them up and over peacock herls, dividing the pheasant legs when you get to the bead. Secure the wing case with several turns of thread and whip finish.
  10. With wet fingers pull the legs of the fly down and apply a small amount of CCG Hydro to the wing case and zap with UV light.